What remains + Drawing #22

a few pictures from the presentation of Simona da Pozzo and Paula Petroll from last friday.

 the bedroom: what remains of our bodies - the urn as dresses to choose
 at art-plaats: paula petroll drawing #22 - the shadow as a drawing that modifies our perception of a space
 the house as exhibition space - so personal and yet a place for passers-by
 an explosion of coloured balloons connected the inside and the outside of the flat
 performative act by Simona da Pozzo - purr
 resid(u)encies: what remained in the kitchen from previous guests
 late night and a guided tour of the flat for the very last visitors
 what remains: strange pictures found in the house and neglected by previous visitors - now updated and replicated in a site specific art piece
 one last view of the resid(u)encies.

it was a great evening. thanks everyone who joined!
if you want to learn more about simona da pozzo's and paula petroll's work visit their websites: simona da pozzo and paula petroll
to know more about the residency of simona da pozzo in rotterdam: simo at rotterdam
Simona da Pozzo won this residency as a grant for her participation to Quotidiana11, exhibition of young italian artists organised by Progetto Giovani - Comune di Padova. the residency is the first partnership project of Progetto Giovani and Stichting Nac.